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Sendero Health Plans

Who is Sendero Health Plans?

Sendero Health Plans is a local, non-profit corporation based in Austin, Texas organized to become the community-based Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) that serves Central Texas.

Central Health is providing organizational and financial resources to enable Sendero Health Plans to become a major player in improving healthcare access for people in Central Texas.


Why did Central Health create Sendero Health Plans?

"We believe that a Medicaid HMO will allow us to better manage and coordinate the healthcare needs of the populations that we serve. We will leverage state dollars with local dollars to upgrade our current systems for healthcare service delivery coordination and care management which can then be used for members of the HMO, for Medical Access Program (MAP) patients and others. It is also an opportunity to generate and diversify our revenue base, the surplus of which can be reinvested for improvement in our local healthcare system. In summary, our goals are: better care coordination and management, an enhanced provider network, and increased leverage of state dollars used locally to provide care to Medicaid managed care patients, MAP patients and others." (Central Health Board)


What is the mission of Sendero Health Plans?

Our mission is to provide comprehensive healthcare coverage and to arrange for innovative, high quality and cost-effective medical services for health plan members within Central Texas.


What are the core values at Sendero Health Plans?

We are driven by our core values: Integrity, Respect, Innovation, Efficiency, Quality and Collaboration


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