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The Master Agreement between Central Health and Seton

10/31/2013 - Listen to a radio spot of Senator Kirk Watson speaking for the new Teaching Hospital.  

The Master Agreement was approved by the Central Health Board of Managers on Wednesday, June 5, 2013.

Download the Master Agreement and related documents - updated June 27, 2013


Download the Lease Agreement for University Medical Center Brackenridge

About the Master Agreement

The Master Agreement between Central Health and Seton Healthcare Family moves Central Health from a strictly contractual relationship to a true public private partnership with Seton.

This next iteration of the public/private partnership moves our healthcare model from a collaboration that provided services on a reactive basis, to a well-structured integrated delivery system that will provide health care services on a proactive basis and keep more people out of the hospital.

The Master Agreement formalizes the Letter of Intent, which was approved last spring. Through the Master Agreement the parties agree to use funds approved by the voters to maximize federal funds. The public private partnership created by the Master Agreement will have 3 direct benefits to our residents in Travis County and Central Texas: 

  1. Medical School
  2. Teaching Hospital
  3. Integrated Delivery System (including enhanced care)

The agreement was developed and negotiated in observance of regulatory constraints (HHSC and CMS), commitments to the electorate, and the objective of strengthening the 18-year public private partnership for the benefit of the community.

Videos of each of these presentations, as well as the accompanying presentation files, are available below to help you better understand this endeavor.